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    Minimális eladási mennyiség: 11 kg. Ennél kisebb megrendeléseket nem áll módunkban elküldeni.

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    Szállítás: 2-4 munkanap

    Packing unit: 11 kg

    Gluten-free spindle dry dough made from quinoa flour with millet flour.

    Also known as the gold of the Incas, quinoa is native to South America. It was a popular food as early as 8-9 thousand years ago and was considered a sacred food by the Incas, who called it the Mother of Seeds. Thanks to quinoa seeds, Inca warriors were very hardy and recovered from battle wounds much faster than average.

    Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Or do you exercise hard and regularly and want to get a little more protein in your diet in a healthy way? Then you've found the perfect solution, and this is Eden Premium Quinoa Pasta. Eden Premium Quinoa Pasta is made from a high quality recipe. It is highly nutritious and retains its consistency even after cooking.

    Gluten and wheat free, it is suitable for people with coeliac disease, easy to digest and versatile.

    Ingredients: water, quinoa flour, millet flour, plantain flour

    Preparation suggestion: Place the desired amount in boiling water, add a pinch of salt and cook on low heat for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then strain and rinse with plenty of water. It can be eaten in the same way as traditional pasta.

    Suitable for: people sensitive to flour, people sensitive to eggs, people sensitive to lactose, people sensitive to soya


    Average nutritional value per 100 g of product
    Energy1702 kJ / 406 kcal
    Fat4,9 g
    -Of which saturated fatty acids0,3 g
    Carbohydrate72 g
    -of which sugars4,4 g
    Fibre10 g
    Protein14 g
    Salt0,01 g


    Storage: Store in a dry, cool place, out of sunlight.

    Made in a gluten-free plant!

    Allergen information: Made in a plant that also processes nuts..

    Place of origin: Hungary

    Quality preserved: Until the date indicated on the packaging

    Net weight: 200g

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